Lung cancer affects women differently than it does men. As we work to unveil why this is the case, we hope to unlock answers to questions about other populations affected by the disease. Here are the inspiring stories of women and their loved ones impacted by lung cancer.

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LysaHenderson, NV
“I was completely shocked to learn that my debilitating back pain was caused by metastatic lung cancer.
Patty Roswell, GA
“In January 2014 my world was turned upside down with a stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis.
Michelle Magnolia, TX
“I was diagnosed in June 2015 at the age of 35 with stage IV adenocarcinoma of the lung.
Candice Clarksville, TN
“My cancer returned as stage 4 and spread to my brain. I had radiation on the 10 brain tumors and had surgery to remove the largest one.
Jan Griffith
Jan GriffithAnniston, AL
“My husband said I needed to see our family doctor because of a hacking cough. After several tests, it was determined I had lung cancer.
BettyBuchanan, MI
“A low dose CT scan saved my life. I had no symptoms, just went in for my yearly and my doctor suggested I have one.
PatriciaCrownsville, MD
“In 2007, my older brother was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. He died about six months later. When I heard about his diagnosis, I requested an x-ray to act as a baseline.
ShellyOsakis, MN
“I am a 4 year stage 4 lung cancer survivor. For the past three years I have volunteered to speak about lung cancer to the 10th grade health classes at Osakis High School.
Tippy Sacramento, CA
“I never considered myself a survivor, but here I am. I am a stage 4 lung cancer survivor.
DeenaNanticoke, MD
“I joke around with my son and two daughters; telling them it was so VERY worth going through the many trials and tribulations of raising them, to get to the incredibly magnificent grandchildren.
““I was diagnosed with stage 3A squamous cell lung cancer in December 2011. I live in Florida, but received treatment in Augusta, Georgia. Treatment started in February to shrink the tumor that was close to 9cm big.
“A spot was found on my lung in Dec. 2015 after an unrelated chest X-ray showed a 1.2 cm “shadow.” Fast forward 2 years…a PET scan, 3 CT scans and a biopsy showing no cancer, but I still had a growing (2.4 cm) nodule doctors wanted out. Two lobes of my right lung were removed. I was 51 years old, extremely healthy, normal weight, loved cardio workouts & had no symptoms when lung cancer was first discovered!
AngelaWoodbridge, VA
“Here is a photo of me and my grandson, Milo. He’s the best medicine I could possibly have! When I was first diagnosed I did chemo and radiation. The treatment I’m currently on is Opdivo.
CelestaBoaz, AL
“Being diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, when I have always considered myself healthy, has been shocking to myself and those around me. It has been a big adjustment.
GinnyCentral Point, OR
“On September 20, 2014 I received word from my doctor that I had Stage IV Non Small Cell Adenocarcinoma. One month later, the day before my 59th birthday, I had my first round of chemotherapy.
ReneeHugo, MN
“In fall 2016, my strong, 47 year old, life long non-smoking sister Julie was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. She is now stage 4 but feels great and just had surgery this week and recovery is going smoothly.
Marina Jones
Marina JonesRancho Santa Margarita, CA
“In the fall of 2007, I felt a small pain in my lower groin. I went to the doctor and she ordered a CT scan. A week later I got a call saying all was well but noticed a spot on my lung.