You have a critical opportunity to demand passage of historic legislation – the Women and Lung Cancer Research and Preventive Services Act of 2019to accelerate research and save the lives needlessly lost each day. First introduced in 2016, the legislation has been reintroduced in both the House and the Senate.

The number of young women with lung cancer who never smoked continues to rise. In fact, two-thirds of the never-smoked lung cancer population is female. There is no clear answer as to why this is the case, and the only way to find out is with more research.

Save Her Lungs is an initiative that will help not only women but the entire lung cancer community. With a historic number of women now in Congress this is our moment to ignite the women’s health imperative. Be a voice and speak out to your representatives. Together, we will empower and engage women across the country to stop the leading cause of cancer death among women.

This is our game-changing moment — but we need YOU to speak out and demand change.

Here are some tools to make it easy for you to be take action:

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Learn about the Women and Lung Cancer Act with Elridge Proctor, MPA, Senior Director, Government Affairs & Public Policy.

Watch Elridge Proctor discuss the Women and Lung Cancer Research and Preventive Services Act on The Living Room from March 20, 2018 (:57 – 1:18).