To the Lung Cancer Community,

As 2018 prepares to come to a close, let’s take this moment to reflect upon what we have accomplished to improve survivorship, provide support and bring our community together in a lasting and meaningful way.
Together we secured millions more dollars in federal research funding, helped hundreds of patients navigate clinical trials and get molecular testing, launched a screening campaign to help people talk with their physicians about lung cancer screening and their risk, enhanced research in early detection, small cell lung cancer and the effects of stigma on this disease—and so much more!

On behalf of everyone at LCA, may your holidays be merry and bright and filled with much joy. We will carry this exciting momentum into 2019 knowing that we will achieve many more milestones for the lung cancer community. I look forward to seeing all that can happen when we work together!

Best wishes,

Laurie Fenton Ambrose
President & CEO
Lung Cancer Alliance