We asked the lung cancer community the following question and here is what they said.

“What is one piece of advice you would offer someone newly diagnosed with the disease?”

“Don’t Google lung cancer statistics! Listen to your body, rest when you’re tired. Accept help from family and friends. Live each day to the fullest!”

Education is power! Research your type, stage and treatment options.”

“Scream, cry, be angry, and then fight like hell and never give up!”

“Put one foot in front of the other and hold someone’s hand and keep going. You have a life to live!

If you feel sick, talk to one of your doctors or nurses. They know a lot about remedies for side effects from treatment and can help with more than you think.

Seek a second opinion to confirm you are receiving the most current and appropriate treatment. Your physician should encourage and welcome a second confirmation of the game plan. If they don’t; look for another physician.”

“Listen and follow directions from your care team; take notes and write down questions. Be an active member of your fight.”

Think positive and never give up.”

Live life to the fullest every day!”

Take one day at a time.”

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