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Know Your Nodules

2019-09-05T12:50:08-05:00September 5th, 2019|Hot Topics|

Decoding lung cancer terminology can be tough—but we’re here to make it easier. In this blog, we’ll help you better understand nodules, also known as lesions, coin lesions, growths, or solitary pulmonary nodules. Nodules are abnormal (yet common) spots that may show up on your lung cancer screening scan or other imaging tests. Why is it important to understand lung nodules? If you’re being screened for lung cancer or having other imaging tests done, it is possible that a lung [...]

Quality of Life

2019-08-29T11:14:55-05:00August 29th, 2019|Hot Topics|

Isn’t that what it’s all about? Whether a CT scan detects lung cancer early or treatment navigation helps you receive biomarker testing or a HelpLine staff member virtually holds a hand, enhancing quality of life for you and all the lung cancer community is of paramount importance. Support can be found everywhere at GO2 Foundation. Don Stranathan (stage 4), cites the Lung Cancer Living Room and valuable referrals as important services that he has taken advantage of since his 2009 diagnosis. [...]

Pedaling for Lung Cancer Awareness

2019-08-22T08:24:51-05:00August 22nd, 2019|Hot Topics|

How far will someone go to raise awareness about lung cancer? Try 1,800 miles. That’s how far the participants in the Ride Hard Breathe Easy Classic (RHBE) will pedal to recognize the need for enhanced visibility and funding, and to offer hope for future treatments for lung cancer. Started by John Matthews, a member of the board of directors of GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer, RHBE began as a memorial to John’s mother Kathleen Matthews. The ride begins TODAY, Thursday, [...]

Welcome to Belong, a New Online Cancer Community

2019-08-22T13:59:06-05:00August 21st, 2019|Hot Topics, News|

GO2 Foundation has partnered with Belong.Life to provide patient and caregiver support and education on the world’s largest social network for cancer patients. Within the GO2 Foundation membership area, our social workers, clinical trial specialists, and survivor-volunteers will provide hope, education, and support for those living with lung cancer. Members will get the latest treatment updates, access to GO2 Foundation’s suite of educational materials, an appointment tracker, an area to store medical documents, and peer-to-peer support. "The Belong app, to me, [...]

FDA Approves Genentech’s Rozlytrek (entrectinib) for ROS1 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) and NTRK-Driven Tumors

2019-08-16T10:54:48-05:00August 16th, 2019|Hot Topics, News|

On August 15, 2019 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Rozlytrek (entrectinib) for the treatment of patients with ROS1-positive, metastatic non-small cell lung cancer. It was also simultaneously approved for the treatment of patients with any solid tumor that is NTRK fusion-positive, following progression on other therapies. This approval offers a new targeted therapy option for patients with both of these rare mutations and is only the third time that the FDA has approved a targeted therapy for any [...]

Celebrating Survivorship and Making a Difference

2019-08-29T11:14:06-05:00August 9th, 2019|Hot Topics, Stories of Hope|

Don Stranathan, well-known in the lung cancer community, sometimes is referred to as Superman or Dr. Don. He is well-informed, tenacious, kind, and is always happy to share what he knows with other lung cancer patients. In 2009, he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Survivors created a Life Link chain—one link for each year of life since diagnosis. On Saturday, June 22, he celebrated his 10 year cancerversary by hosting a Celebrating Survivorship party and fundraiser [...]

Crisis and Relief: Reflections on World Lung Cancer Day

2019-08-02T14:39:25-05:00August 2nd, 2019|Hot Topics|

World Lung Cancer Day is a time to remember that this disease remains a crisis around the globe. But is also a day to count the many ways that we’ve helped advance efforts on general awareness, early detection, research funding, innovative research, and support for patients and caregivers.Providing credible information about lung cancer and treatment options.Accessing our website are almost 30,000 individuals per month, with approximately 25% from outside the US. Visit the highest trafficked pages: What is Lung Cancer and [...]

GO2 Foundation Presents 2019 Bonnie J. Addario Lectureship Award at ILCC

2019-08-15T10:46:56-05:00August 2nd, 2019|Hot Topics, News|

GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer is pleased to announce that it presented Solange Peters, MD, PhD, with the 2019 Bonnie J. Addario Lectureship Award for her emphasis on groundbreaking biomarker research, improving access to care for lung cancer patients worldwide, and supporting the advancement of women in oncology. GO2 Foundation honored Prof. Peters with the award at the International Lung Cancer Conference (ILCC) held July 25-27 in Huntington Beach, California. Read more.

An Update on the Burn Pits Accountability Act of 2019

2019-07-17T10:10:20-05:00July 17th, 2019|Hot Topics, News|

Click here to read our statement in support of the legislation. GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer is pleased to report the recent advancement of the Burn Pits Accountability Act. We strongly support this legislation as a first step to ensure that all those affected by burn pit toxins are accounted for, in order to call for further research focused on these veterans. Since the Persian Gulf War, a common waste disposal practice at military sites outside the United States was [...]

Lung Cancer Stigma’s Harmful Consequences

2019-08-14T09:16:12-05:00July 10th, 2019|Hot Topics|

Despite increased awareness around lung cancer in recent years, the stigma associated with the disease remains an issue for the lung cancer community. Beyond the known psychosocial issues associated with this stigma, our research has revealed that both patients and oncologists feel that the stigma can actually affect the level of care a patient receives and lead to worse health outcomes. Our very own Jennifer King, PhD, Senior Director, Science & Research, sat down with Cure magazine to discuss this social stigma and [...]