World Lung Cancer Day is a time to remember that this disease remains a crisis around the globe. But is also a day to count the many ways that we’ve helped advance efforts on general awareness, early detection, research funding, innovative research, and support for patients and caregivers.

Providing credible information about lung cancer and treatment options.

Collaborating for innovative research.

  • Presenting best practices and scientific learnings with international peers at the World Conference on Lung Cancer, World Cancer Congress, and other international events on topics like: building an advocacy movement, creating patient support groups, eliminating stigma, patient navigation, and patient decision-making for screening and treatment.
  • Advancing science and research through international projects like the Global Genomics of Young Lung Study and partnering with the Addario Lung Cancer Medical Institute (ALCMI) on priority global studies that involve medical research facilities in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Italy, with expansion planned into Brazil and Israel.

Bringing the best news to the lung cancer community.

Reflecting efforts by GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer, other advocacy groups, and the healthcare community are the scientific advances made for the community and the transformation of cancer care over the last ten years. Together, our community is making a difference around the world.