Public health and policy leaders must recognize that lung cancer is a national public health priority that requires a more coordinated, comprehensive and compassionate plan of action to address all aspects of the disease. To reduce lung cancer mortality, advancements in lung cancer screening and research must be linked to prevention efforts in a continuum of care.

We remain committed to devising strategies and building coalitions that adapt to and support this vision and meet community needs, including:

  • Increase federal funding to accelerate early detection and more personalized and targeted treatment research.
  • Ensure fair and equitable access to protect and expand lung cancer screening and treatment benefits for those at risk and living with the disease.
  • Secure coverage and reimbursement for breakthroughs in early detection and preventive services.
  • Remove barriers to access high quality and affordable care.
  • Preserve patient and physician decision-making to ensure a patient-centered healthcare system.