Establishing Lung Cancer as a National Public Health Issue

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Public health and policy leaders must recognize that lung cancer is a national public health priority that requires a more coordinated, comprehensive and compassionate plan of action to address all aspects of the disease. To reduce lung cancer mortality, advancements in lung cancer screening and research must be linked to prevention efforts in a continuum of care. We remain committed to devising strategies and building coalitions that adapt to and support this vision and meet community needs, including: Increase federal funding [...]

Expanding Collaborative Lung Cancer Research

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Responsible screening provides an unprecedented opportunity to study lung cancer at its earliest and even pre-cancerous stages. We work with thought leaders, screening implementers, patients and other stakeholders to ensure the acceleration of research in prevention, screening and early detection. The establishment of the Screening Centers of Excellence network leads naturally to the development of a consortium of sites that work with us along with academic, nonprofit, and corporate partners as a dedicated Lung Cancer Research Network. This network allows us [...]

Implementing National Lung Cancer Screening

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Lung Cancer Alliance established and provides guidance to a growing network of more than 600 Screening Centers of Excellence (SCOE) in community–based and academic settings across the country committed to responsible, high-quality screening practices within a continuum of care. SCOEs adhere to guiding principles and best practices: Provide clear information on the risks and benefits of CT screening through a shared decision-making process. Comply with standards based on best published practices for controlling screening quality, radiation dose and diagnostic procedures. Work with [...]