A lung cancer diagnosis can be overwhelmingly emotional and complicated.

To provide support during this confusing period, Lung Cancer Alliance started a national HelpLine dedicated exclusively to lung cancer. Caring, trained support professionals answer calls to help patients, caregivers and loved ones understand their lung cancer diagnosis, available treatment options and quality of life issues to better prepare them to work with their healthcare team.

Ask Us Anything

We understand that it can be hard to start the conversation, so we asked our support team to list some commonly asked questions.  Call the HelpLine to ask questions like these:

  • I was just diagnosed. What should I do next?
  • My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer. How can I help her?
  • I don’t understand what my doctor is telling me. Please help!
  • Where do I go for treatment and what are my options?
  • My treatment is making me sick. What can I do?
  • Can a clinical trial help me?
  • I am feeling sad, anxious or overwhelmed and need a support group. How do I find one?
  • My father had lung cancer. Will I get it?
  • I smoke (or use to smoke). What is my risk of getting lung cancer?

How We Answer Your Questions

When you contact the HelpLine, you can be sure that a skilled, compassionate support professional will be there to guide you through any and all stages of the lung cancer journey. Our goal is to provide the information you need to ask smart questions and make good decisions at your next doctor’s appointment.

Lung cancer can feel like a foreign language, but our team will help you navigate through topics like:

Sometimes you just need to know you are not alone. We have a community of survivors and caregivers who have walked in your shoes and can share their individual journeys. Our support team thoughtfully matches Phone Buddies and Guides to those with a similar diagnosis and treatment plan. If you are ready to contribute your experience, please consider volunteering for these important peer-to-peer programs.

How to Contact Us

No matter what your question or need, our support team works hard to find the answer that offers you the best insights. Contact us via phone and email, or you can send a message right now through the red “Lung Cancer Questions” tab on the right side of this webpage.

Contact us today and find an informative and compassionate conversation.

Reach out to the HelpLine at 1-800-298-2436 or support@go2foundation.org or by using the red “Lung Cancer Questions” tab on the right side of this webpage.