Today, Lung Cancer Alliance (LCA) is proud to announce Dr. Robert Smyth, MB, MSc as the recipient of the 2017 Conquer Cancer Foundation (CCF) – Lung Cancer Alliance Young Investigator Award (YIA).

Through this award, LCA will support research that examines whether mutations in tumors can be identified through a patient’s breath, instead of by an invasive biopsy, to help identify the best treatments for the cancer. CCF formally announced the honor during the Grants and Awards Ceremony at the 2017 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting currently taking place in Chicago.

“We are so pleased to welcome Dr. Smyth into the Lung Cancer Alliance family through the Young Investigator Award program,” said Jennifer C. King, PhD, Director of Science and Research, Lung Cancer Alliance. “His work is a crucial part of the effort to identify the best treatments for individual patients. Lung Cancer Alliance remains committed to supporting these types of cutting-edge research efforts to allow us to move the needle in the fight against the number one cancer killer.”

“I am so grateful for Lung Cancer Alliance’s support through the Young Investigator Award program,” said Dr. Smyth. “Their contribution will allow me to continue conducting research that I hope will improve how we identify and treat lung cancer.”

The one-year, $50K grant will enable Dr. Smyth to conduct research to improve tumor identification methods to better determine the types of patients who could benefit from targeted therapies.

This marks the second year that LCA has funded a YIA recipient through this partnership with CCF.