Did you know that you can help change the future of lung cancer? One of GO2 Foundation’s core pillars is to advance world-class, patient-centered, academic and community-based research that spans the continuum of care. To achieve this we, along with our partners and collaborators, offer our community many opportunities to help advance the science of lung cancer by participating in our research. There are studies for all different stages of a lung cancer journey and many are offered at less traditional locations, including in your local community or from the comfort of your own home.

Our research is a catalyst for life-saving treatments and cures—and you can be a part of it. Consider joining these research studies from GO2 Foundation and our partners:

  • For those at-riskOur CASTL study, in partnership with Memorial Sloan-Kettering and NYU, is helping to find the best methods for providing smoking cessation support when someone goes for lung cancer screening. This trial is taking place in 18 of our Screening Centers of Excellence
  • For early-stage lung cancer – The LIBERTI trial from our sister foundation the Addario Lung Cancer Medical Institute (ALCMI) is studying if analysis of blood can predict if and when cancer will come back after surgery for Stage IB-IIIA lung cancer. This trial is open at a number of sites throughout the United States. Learn more here.
  • For ALK+ lung cancer SPACEWALK is a remote-consent trial led by the Chair of GO2’s Scientific Leadership Board, Dr. Geoffrey Oxnard, where any ALK+ patient in the United States can participate and not have to change oncologists. For this trial, you must have just developed resistance to an ALK inhibitor and you will have your blood analyzed to see if there are reasons for the resistance. A free report will be sent to both you and your oncologist that may inform your next treatment decision.
  • For ROS1+ lung cancer – There are not enough tools for researchers to study ROS1 lung cancer. In collaboration with the ROS1ders patient group, ALCMI developed a study where you can donate a sample from your cancer to create either a mouse model or cell line that is based on your lung cancer.  Researchers can then use these tools to learn more about ROS1+ lung cancers and how to treat them.
  • For lung cancer under age 40 – Building on the successful Genomics of Young Lung Cancer study, a new protocol is being developed to help understand risk factors in those who were diagnosed with lung cancer under age 40. Look for the survey-based Epidemiology of Young Lung Cancer study to be launched in the next few months and email research@go2foundation.org if you would like to be notified when this study is open.
  • For everyone, including patients, survivors, and caregivers – You can participate in research by joining the Lung Cancer Registry and helping us understand the journey with lung cancer through ethics board (IRB) approved research surveys. There is a quarterly survey to understand the current status of you or your loved one’s cancer as well as their quality of life and other cancer-related issues. You will also be contacted if there is an additional specific study that fits you. Join today!