How far will someone go to raise awareness about lung cancer?

Try 1,800 miles.

That’s how far the participants in the Ride Hard Breathe Easy Classic (RHBE) will pedal to recognize the need for enhanced visibility and funding, and to offer hope for future treatments for lung cancer. Started by John Matthews, a member of the board of directors of GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer, RHBE began as a memorial to John’s mother Kathleen Matthews.

The ride begins TODAY, Thursday, August 22 in Southhampton, PA.

RHBE is another example of how one person can make a difference. The program started several years ago with John riding solo across the country and raising money for lung cancer awareness and services by himself. Now he has fellow riders, people like survivor Terri Ann DiJulio and surgeon Dr. Charles Bakhos, who also raise funding for the lifesaving services and research found at GO2 Foundation and the Addario Lung Cancer Research Institute. In addition RHBE has branched out into other fundraisers where you track your own pedaling or drink wine. How fun!


Follow the Ride

Each day of the ride is dedicated to a member of the lung cancer community. John posts the tributes through social media. While ride cyclists are working hard, you can cheer them on by following the ride and contributing to the cause.

You can find out more and contribute at or follow the ride on Facebook, just look for @RideHardBreatheEZ. You can follow John on Twitter @Ride4Lungs.

We hope you’re inspired to start your own fundraiser. No matter how big or small, you will make a difference through your efforts.

Contact Susan Smedley at to begin making a difference today!