Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Whether a CT scan detects lung cancer early or treatment navigation helps you receive biomarker testing or a HelpLine staff member virtually holds a hand, enhancing quality of life for you and all the lung cancer community is of paramount importance.

Support can be found everywhere at GO2 Foundation. Don Stranathan (stage 4), cites the Lung Cancer Living Room and valuable referrals as important services that he has taken advantage of since his 2009 diagnosis. You can find support near you through the HelpLine or by using our National Lung Cancer Support Network.

Our HelpLine (800-298-2436 or email connects you to professionals ready to assist you with support, information, and referrals. Use the same contact information to reach us about LungMATCH, where an expert can guide you through biomarker testing and clinical trials appropriate for you.

Curt Hammock (stage 3), saw an educational brochure, called the HelpLine, and is now an active Phone Buddy, where he is paired with other patients and/or caregivers to provide guidance, information, and encouragement. Make sure to take advantage of this peer-to-peer service.

Women’s voices highlights the value of sharing your story as a courageous way to bring optimism and raise visibility. Joining a community is also a wonderful way to share with peers—and we have two. Our newest addition, Belong, not only provides community, but education and locations to store health info. You can also join HealthUnlocked, another location to find empowerment through sharing.

Quality of Life—we hope to enhance yours through these support services. Please contact us today.


For questions about lung cancer or any of our support services contact the HelpLine at or call 1-800-298-2436.