By Kristin Bramell, Director of Philanthropy, Lung Cancer Alliance

2017 saw its share of successes, but it has not changed the fact that 427 people die each day of lung cancer. The New Year offers hope for members of our community, including those at risk and survivors of this deadly disease. Hope in the form of new life-saving drugs, enhanced quality of life and continued access to high quality care.

In 2018, we want to see lung cancer become a national priority—fighting the stigma and increasing research into treatments and cures. The work of Lung Cancer Alliance can make this a reality, but only with the support of our donors.

With every dollar you donate, our important work continues:

  • Directing families to the latest approved treatments or clinical trials with one-on-one support conversations.
  • Driving innovation in cures and treatments by integrating the patient perspective into national research partnerships.
  • Heightening visibility and accelerating research funding to get treatments to market by motivating our policymakers through direct advocacy.
  • Empowering a supportive community eager to raise awareness of the leading cause of cancer death through hopeful Lung Love Run/Walks and Shine a Light on Lung Cancer events.
  • Arming doctors, nurses and screening center professionals with the information they need to support overwhelmed patients facing a lung cancer diagnosis and at-risk individuals seeking facts.

In 2017, more than 155,000 grandmothers, sons and friends died of lung cancer. To lower this number, support by donors and advocates of Lung Cancer Alliance is more important than ever.

And Lung Cancer Alliance uses its funding wisely, earning the highest rating by Charity Navigator for a third year in a row and recognition as a top-rated 5-Star charity by the American public on Simply put, external experts have rated us efficient and effective in executing our life-saving mission.

Lung Cancer Alliance takes pride in amplifying the voices of the lung cancer community. We are emboldened and inspired by the survivors and families we meet and amazed at the generosity of our donors and volunteers, who make our work possible.

Thank you. And please enhance your gift, knowing that this year your gift is tax deductible.  Give in honor/in memorial of a loved one this December and we will will recognize your loved one by name on our website.