Nancy Alvey I am a native of Madison WI, having moved to the Louisville KY area in 1981 from Chicago, Illinois.

In November of 2005, I was diagnosed with stage II lung cancer in the upper right lobe. Surgery was performed in December 2005 to remove the upper right lobe and various lymph nodes. Four rounds of chemo, many x-rays, CT scans and doctor visits later, I have remained cancer free six years later.

When a Lung Cancer Alliance chapter was being formed in Kentucky/Southern Indiana back in May of 2009, I joined in as a Co-Chair along with Colette McCoy and Dr. Goetz Kloecker.

My husband, Sam & I remain active in KY/SoIN and DC advocating for the Lung Cancer Mortality Reduction Act. A piece of legislation aimed at getting more money thru government to work on research and finding a cure for lung cancer. Big strides are being made. I feel that “cancer is cancer” and lung cancer deserves as much funding as many other cancers. With a restructure of Lung Cancer Alliance, I will now join a National Advocate Advisory Council of long term survivors.