I have practiced law in Seattle as of Counsel to Hendricks & Lewis since 1990 and previously worked in legal and engineering positions in the energy, environmental and waste management sectors.

I connected with Lung Cancer Alliance (“LCA”) through its predecessor Alliance for Lung Cancer Advocacy Support and Education (“ALCASE”) in 1997 when I was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. Through ALCASE, I learned more about lung cancer, gained support from others and participated in medical conferences. Peggy McCarthy, ALCASE founder, was a driving force. Through Peggy’s vision and that of Sheila Ross and the leadership of Laurie Fenton Ambrose and current staff, ALCASE, now LCA, makes a real difference in the prospects for lung cancer patients. I was President of the ALCASE board during a fragile, but important transition from the West to the East Coast. In recent years I have welcomed the opportunity to be a phone buddy with patients, who are where I was not too long ago.

My children, who in 1997 were amused by my bald head, are now in college. And my wife Eliza Davidson, who was also an effective advocate in the medical world, is an architect, landscape designer, arborist and on the board of the National Association of Olmsted Parks.

I spend any extra time on Israel/Palestine issues through St. Mark’s Cathedral in Seattle. Like many others I fell in love with the Northwest when temporarily stationed at Fort Lewis in 1970 and subsequently moved permanently to Seattle from Delaware, having graduated from V.M.I. and U. VA Law in 66 and 69, respectively.