Lung cancer in women is a critical women’s health issue in the United States. An average of 181 women die each day of lung cancer—one every 8 minutes. In fact, two-thirds of the never-smoked lung cancer population is female. Why does the number of young women with lung cancer who have never smoked continue to rise? There is no clear answer, but we’re working to make sure research into this issue remains a priority.

Last year, The NELSON Trial revealed women at high risk for lung cancer have a reduced risk (up to 61%) of dying from the disease with annual CT screening. Shortly after, we launched a nationwide screening awareness campaign to urge those at risk to talk to their doctors about screening—a simple action that could save up to 65,000 American lives each year.

Our sister organization, The Addario Lung Cancer Medical Institute (ALCMI), is a patient-centric, international research consortium driving research for the lung cancer community. In ALCMI’s recent award-winning Genomics of Young Lung Cancer Study, researchers found that over 80% of patients under 40 had driver mutations that could be treated with targeted therapies. This finding has powerful, life-saving implications for young women who are disproportionately affected by the disease.

Women lung cancer patients are driving breakthroughs in treatment, diagnosis, patient care, and outcomes for all people living with the disease through The Lung Cancer Registry.  This knowledge base for researchers and clinicians is powered by the patients’ own data and will help advance understanding of the disease.

Despite being the number one cancer killer, lung cancer is the least funded major cancer affecting women. We need increased federal action and increased research dollars to continue fighting the number one cancer killer among women. We’ve introduced the Save Her Lungs campaign to support the Women and Lung Cancer Research and Preventive Services Act of 2019 in Congress to accelerate research and save lives. This Women’s Health Week, support our efforts by taking action today!


We’ve made it easy to make a difference in the lives of women you love this Women’s Health Week. Check out our Women’s Health Week toolkit and learn how to make an impact!