Lung cancer screening is part of a care continuum that starts when an individual is identified as being at high risk for lung cancer and continues until the person is no longer considered at high risk or has been diagnosed with lung cancer and navigated into appropriate and timely treatment.

Benefits of Becoming a Member of the Screening Centers of Excellence Network

Facilities that commit to following best practices are eligible to become Lung Cancer Screening Centers of Excellence (SCOE) and enjoy the benefits of expert support, best practice recommendations and promotional support through an online listing.

In 2012, Lung Cancer Alliance created the National Framework for Excellence in Lung Cancer Screening and Continuum of Care, which included the first stated best practices for high-quality lung cancer screening programs. Elements of the National Framework have evolved over time into Screening Guiding Principles but GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer’s dedication to support screening centers remains a centerpiece of the SCOE network.

Approved SCOE members have access to the following benefits:

  • Inclusion in GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer’s Screening Centers of Excellence online directory
  • Acceptance letter and certificate indicating membership
  • Exclusive marketing materials
  • Early access to practice and policy updates and other news of interest
  • Ability to participate in policy sign-on letters representing the lung cancer community
  • Discounted rates at the annual Screening and Care Conference
  • Access to private peer-to-peer online community to share best practices and challenges and learn from others
  • Opportunities to participate in research to advance our understanding of early stage and pre-cancerous disease, improving quality of life/survivorship, enhancing the screening process/implementation, expanding risk criteria and reducing stigma (click here to see current studies)
  • Receive free education toolkit by hosting a Shine a Light on Lung Cancer event during November, Lung Cancer Awareness Month
  • Access our 20-part Understanding Lung Cancer publication series designed specifically for patients with the most up-to-date information on every aspect of the disease. Click here to access our online publications store.

There is no cost for network membership, but we do require programs to keep us up to date on program changes and be responsive to our inquiries.

For more information, email, or apply to become a Screening Center of Excellence.