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Lung cancer screening with a low-dose computed tomography (also known at low-dose CT or LDCT) scan is the only current, proven method that can detect lung cancer earlier, before symptoms occur, when it is more treatable and even curable. In order to benefit from screening, people need to understand their risk, that this covered benefit exists for them and where to go to be screened responsibly.

Now there are easy-to-use and understand educational materials to raise awareness and communicate with those at risk about lung cancer screening.

Raise Awareness in the Community

Lung cancer screening for those at risk is just as important as a routine mammogram or colonoscopy, but most people don’t realize this.

Use the downloadable patient screening guide, posters and patient email infographic to help communicate and educate about screening at your healthcare facility and in your community.

Raise Awareness with Other Professionals

Lung Cancer Screening Saves Lives Poster

Make sure other Healthcare Professionals (e.g. Primary Care Providers, nurses, etc.) know how to talk to their patients about lung cancer screening with this simple information sheet.


Screening Centers of Excellence

If your healthcare facility is a member of the National Screening Centers of Excellence Network, you have access to use and customize these awareness materials for your facility’s community education efforts.

Customize Screening Awareness Materials

Not a Screening Center of Excellence?

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How You Can Help

Lung cancer screening could save thousands of lives every year and make a profound impact on cancer survival. However, most people are unaware that this covered preventive service is available, understand individual risk factors or where to find responsible screening. Our core priority is educating the millions at risk and their healthcare providers about this annual early detection test. This education campaign is made possible by generous support from people like you and through a creative licensing agreement with Genentech. On behalf of our entire community, thank you!

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