If your healthcare facility is a member of Lung Cancer Alliance’s Screening Centers of Excellence Network, you have the ability to customize our screening awareness materials for your own use! Here’s how it works:

STEP 1: Download the pdf and open the file in Adobe Acrobat (version 9 or above).

STEP 2: Locate and click on the white logo placeholder image.

STEP 3: A dialog box will appear where you can upload a jpg, png, gif or tiff image. Select the logo from its location on your computer. If you are uploading a logo that does not have a transparent background, we recommend one with a white background.

STEP 4: Once your logo has been added, click OK. Acrobat will size and scale your logo to fit within the space provided.

STEP 5: Save the pdf to your computer.

STEP 6: Get the word out!

  • Hang the poster in the halls.
  • Place ads in community newspapers.
  • Send emails to your patients and peers.
  • Print out copies to add to your waiting room resources.

STEP 7: Let LCA know how you are using the materials. Send an email to us at support@go2foundation.org.

Not a Screening Center of Excellence?