GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer’s Screening Centers of Excellence (SCOE)—more than 600 centers across 42 states—are committed to responsible, high-quality screening practices. Low dose CT screening for lung cancer carried out safely, efficiently and equitably can save tens of thousands of lives a year.

Benefits of Lung Cancer Screening

Survival: If lung cancer is caught early it is more likely to be treatable and cured.

Research advances: Screening data will help expedite innovations in detection.

Apply for the Designation

LCA developed the SCOE designation to help centers focus on high-quality screening practices and to guide at-risk individuals to centers who screen responsibly. To learn more about how your center can become a SCOE, please contact screening@go2foundation.org.

SCOE Designation

Designated Screening Centers of Excellence commit to comply with comprehensive standards based on best practices developed by professional bodies such as the American College of Radiology (ACR), the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) and the International Early Lung Cancer Action Program (I-ELCAP) for controlling screening quality, radiation dose and diagnostic procedures within an experienced, multi-disciplinary clinical setting. SCOE also commit to provide clear information based on current evidence on who is a candidate for lung cancer screening.

To earn the SCOE designation, facilities must

  • Provide clear information on the risks and benefits of CT screening through a shared decision-making process.
  • Comply with standards based on best published practices for controlling screening quality, radiation dose and diagnostic procedures.
  • Work with a lung cancer multidisciplinary clinical team to carry out a coordinated process for screening, follow up and treatment when appropriate.
  • Include a comprehensive cessation program for those still smoking or refer to comprehensive cessation programs.
  • Report results to those screened and their primary care doctors and transmit requested copies in a timely manner.
  • Have received or intend to receive designation as a lung cancer screening program through the American College of Radiology.