“My mom’s last bout in the hospital had her waiting for a bed in the emergency ICU. In the bed next to her was a 20-year-old who the staff feverishly worked to revive. My mother shared the same room and heard the failed efforts to revive this young man. Can you imagine? Whatever hope there is can so easily be removed by an experience like this,” said Yolanda, Mae’s daughter. When diagnosed with cancer there’s nothing more comforting than knowing that there’s hope and that you’re not alone. “Because of my mother’s experience, it was very important for me to start a foundation that comforts those affected by Lung Cancer. Yes, the outcome of Lung Cancer can be bleak, but no one wants to live thinking that.” Mae’s Breath is an Affiliate of the LCF and has joined in the fight to come up with better treatment options and outcomes and to provide hope for patients and families.

Mission: To empower and educate Lung Cancer patients in treatment options and to build healthy and effective relationships with healthcare providers, all while maintaining the dignity of the patient. – Yolanda Brunson-Sarrabo