For several years, the community of Saratoga, CA, has teamed up with the LCF to end Lung Cancer with “Stride for Susie” and now “Stride for Susie and Smita,” spearheaded by Jayshree Ullal and Pankaj Patel. Susie (Jayshree’s sister) and Smita (Pankaj’s wife) were amazing women whose lives ended much too soon. Both were never-smokers, moms, sisters, aunts, daughters, wives, and friends. Niece Tarini Ullal, a key organizer who is always thrilled to see how many people attend, said, “I feel that every participant is part of a greater and more important team, a team tirelessly working together to promote awareness and battle against Lung Cancer.” We look forward to sharing the passion and determination of Jayshree and Pankaj.

“As a community, we can do this together. That’s the power of all the money we’re raising today and where it’s going—to help save lives.” –Adeeti Ullal, Susie’s niece