Although the day of the toy sale might have gotten a little long for Marissa, said her mom, she stuck with it, determined to make it a success. She had fun with her ‘customers’ and testing all the toys her friends and family brought. Many stories were shared throughout the day about others with loved ones who had Lung Cancer. Marissa’s family was very proud of her for wanting to hold a fundraiser and following through to make it happen. “Everyone at the LCF was incredibly moved,” said Jennifer Hughes, Manager of Affiliates and Independent Fundraisers. “When I was seven, $275 dollars was like $275,000! What an inspiration her teacher was. We must keep fighting and follow the incredible leadership of a little girl from Wisconsin who will undoubtedly make the world a much better place. She’s doing that already!”

“When my 7-year-old daughter lost her first-grade teacher, age 52, to Lung Cancer, she asked me if she could have a toy sale to ‘help lung cancer.’ I said yes and together we began. A few other families donated to the sale at which Marissa raised $275.” – Sheila Hagen