As Pam Mosher approaches her 15th-year as a Lung Cancer, she does many things to enjoy life, including being part of a Bunco group. This year, her Bunco buddies—Jean Brink, Patti Cadreau, Tina Caldwell, Elaine Freeman, Judy Garrigues, Brenda Hibel, Lena Magliano, Sharon Pliler, Donna Pitto, Norma Spencer, Barbara Wichlan, Karen Cadle, Maria Carcamo, Maureen Fosty, Connie Morgan and Margo Tullus chose LCF as their “top pick” for a year-end donation.

The group accumulates monthly donations and in the past, they have donated to the Heifer Project, Project Second Chance, Red Cross, etc. When so many of Pam’s Bunco friends heard her talking about the Foundation and when newscaster Cheryl Jennings commented on Bonnie receiving the WebMD Award, it was unanimous!

“I feel that I just spent the evening with you in your ‘Living Room’ — what a fitting name!!! Thank you again for all that you are doing. Hugs & Love.” – Pam & Wayne Mosher