“Preparing to run a marathon seems inadequate. How many miles do you run for the man who taught you everything you know about respect, compassion and bike riding—who showed you how to tie your shoes, to treat your waiter, as well as your professor, and to always return the shopping cart to its designated area? Is 26.2 miles enough for sitting through every dance recital, documenting every awkward prom and cheering at all the swim meets (even when I was underwater and couldn’t hear)? Do you tack on a few more for an amazing college education, for long walks and heart-to-hearts, for American citizenship? It’s difficult for me to translate 25 years of unconditional love into mileage, so 26.2 will just have to do,” says Addar Weintraub, Shlomi’s daughter.

“Great news! The Foundation called today, impressed and touched by the amount of money raised so quickly—$11,620 in two days from over 120 donors from all over the world.” – Addar Weintraub