My name is Emily Bennett Taylor. I was diagnosed at Stage IV when I was 28 years old, a former college athlete, never-smoker, and an active, healthy person. I was shocked, but ready to attack this thing with everything I had. I underwent 8 rounds of chemotherapy, and was fortunate to have an excellent response. My husband and I canvassed the country for a surgeon who would operate on me, and found that in Dr. Raja Flores at Mt. Sinai in NYC. We re-located from Los Angeles to NY for 3 months, and in February of 2013 Dr. Flores removed my entire right lung. The surgery went well, and a month later I began high-dose radiation to the cavity in my right chest.

I’ve now been NED (No Evidence of Disease) for almost two years.

We were in contact with the ALCF from the beginning of my diagnosis. They walked us through all the steps to get the best care possible, and they were a life-saving resource.

The ALCF was integral in the success of my cancer journey, and I am so grateful to them. During treatment, I promised myself that I would beat this, and then get to work helping patients the way the ALCF had helped me.

I now work as a Spokesperson and Patient Advocate for the ALCF, fulfilling my promise to myself and hopefully giving patients the same hope that the ALCF instilled in me.

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