In the summer of 2011 I saw my doctor for my yearly physical and expressed my concern of my family history of strokes. My doctor set up an appointment for me with a cardiologist who suggested I get a heart scan. I had the scan and was informed I had a calcium score of 0 but there was a mass in my left lung. A more detailed cat scan did not show enough detail so a bronchcoscopy and biopsy was performed on 12/22/2011. The biopsy confirmed I had a neuroendocrine tumor in the superior secondary bronchus that was almost completely blocking air flow.

I have never smoked a day in my life!

On 1/12/2012 I had a left thorocotomy and sleeve resection. The surgeon got it all and it was classified as a Type I-A neuroendocrine tumor. I was fortunate not to have to have radiation or chemotherapy. I have had 3 CT chest scans since my surgery and they have all been clean.

Almost two and one half years cancer free!