Gifts from a Donor Advised Fund

GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer can accept a gift from a donor advised fund that you have established with any entity. To make it simple we have several major funds listed below where you can make a direct transfer through DAF DIRECT. If your investment firm or community foundation is not listed, have no fear—we can still accept your gift if you contact us directly.

Your donor advised fund gift will be put to immediate use helping patients!


  • Up-front tax deduction on donations into the donor advised fund, including if funded with appreciated assets like stocks.
  • Ease of recommending and disbursing gifts straight from your fund.
  • Less paperwork than establishing a family foundation yet still offers a tremendous legacy of family philanthropy.

Please call us at 202-463-2080 and speak with our Philanthropy team if you have questions about whether a donor advised fund is right for you.

Find a Donor Advised Fund