Grassroots fundraising allows you to host an event or campaign to raise funds to benefit GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer. With GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer’s expertise and resources of the wired world, you can start a campaign or host a Grassroots Event. It is easy to host Grassroots fundraisers that are fun, personally meaningful and successful in raising funds for lung cancer.

Create Your Own Campaign

One effective way to fundraise is to ask for donations in lieu of gifts for an upcoming birthday, wedding anniversary, or honor someone you love that has been affected by lung cancer. It is an easy single step donation page that allows you to share your personal story and ask for friends and family to support you in the fight against lung cancer.
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Host A Grassroots Event

Consider having a dinner party, gala or 5K Walk/Run by selling tickets, creating a friends asking friends platform or silent/live auctions. We can help you brainstorm ideas and assist with creating a custom event platform for your event.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Grassroots Fundraising Activity?

GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer defines a Grassroots Fundraising Activity as any fundraising activity by a third-party, (defined as any non-affiliated group or individual including volunteers and employees), where the third-party is responsible for planning and obtaining support for the activity, and GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer is responsible for guiding the third-party to ensure the activity is a success.

How can I raise funds?

Host a fundraiser: Support GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer by hosting your own fundraising activity and raise awareness in your own community. There are dozens of fundraising ideas to choose from. Check out or Grassroots Fundraising Activity Idea List or come up with your own idea!Collect donations: One effective way to fundraise is to ask for donations in lieu of your upcoming birthday gifts. Some other gift giving events that may be coming up in your life include graduations, anniversaries, religious holidays, and wedding gifts. The personal connection to the cause and your selflessness is a great way to give back to the cause.

Make GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer a beneficiary of an event: Consider donating a portion of the proceeds from an existing event to GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer! A few examples of beneficiary events include: ticket sales to a special event, entrance or team fees for a sporting event, proceeds from a live or silent auction, contests and special promotions, and proceeds from overall retail or restaurant sales. We can help you draft a proposal to the event committee and provide you with information about the foundation.

I’ve decided to organize a Grassroots Fundraising Activity, what should I do next?

Read through the Grassroots Fundraising Activity Guidelines and Grassroots Fundraising Activity Proposal Form. Sign the Grassroots Fundraising Activity Guidelines and fill out the Grassroots Fundraising Activity Proposal Form to the best of your knowledge. Your event will be reviewed and we will contact you within 5 -7 business days of receiving the forms. If you have any questions contact Gina Tallerico, or (650) 598.2857.

Resources Available to You

We appreciate the hard work that goes into your fundraising efforts and understand you may require some support or resources from GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer to make your event a success. Here is a list of resources available to you pending the approval of your Grassroots Fundraising Activity Proposal.

  • Guidance from a GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer event coordinator
  • Weekly phone calls with GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer event coordinator if needed
  • Kit containing brochures, bracelets, and a banner
  • Custom event flyer design
  • Event check list
  • Event timeline
  • GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer donation forms
  • Listing on the Events Page of the GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer website
  • Social Media recognition: Facebook and Twitter

You are responsible for all details of the Grassroots Fundraising Activity including:

  • Underwriting all of the related costs
  • Promoting the event to your contacts
  • Keeping records of all donations, sponsorship, in kind contributions
  • Printing all materials
  • Working and recruiting volunteers for the actual event
  • Deliver the proceeds raised to GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer within 30 days of the activity’s conclusion

Activity Idea List

  • Amusement Park Tickets: Make arrangements with a local amusement park where a portion of a day’s ticket sales go to GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer.
  • Antique Car Show: Find a venue and charge auto exhibitors a fee to display their cars. To generate additional funds incorporate raffles, drawings, and concession stands. You might also charge participants a fee to vote for their favorite cars.
  • Art Show: Invite friends to a public venue or your house to share their art. Encourage guests to bring their own painting or decorative piece. Holding the art show at a public venue will help in receiving other donations or purchases of art to ensure a success!
  • Auctions: Gather donated items and hold a live or silent auction. The more items you have, the more money you will make. Ask your boss if you can auction off a day off work!
  • Bake Sale: Collect baked goods and host a bake sale at your house or a local business.
  • Barbecue: Hold a sidewalk BBQ to sell hotdogs, burgers, chips and soda. This is a great event for weekends or holidays. Often vendors will donate items to this event.
  • Bike-A-Thon: Participants enlist sponsors to pledge a contribution to GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer for every mile the participant rides.
  • Bingo: You can easily set up a large room with tables, purchase BINGO cards, or download a template online. Solicit local businesses for prizes: tickets to events, dinners, electronics, and spa days, etc.
  • Block Party: Organize a neighborhood block party. Sell food and drinks and charge admission.
  • Bonfire Party: Roast some marshmallows around a fire with friends and have everyone donate $2 for every s’more.
  • Bottle (or Can) Drive: Place a box near the soda machines or hold a neighborhood bottle drive to collect used cans or bottles for money.
  • Bowl-A-Thon: Participants collect pledges and then bowl a set number of games. Set a per-person minimum ($25) for each participant.
  • Brown Bag Lunch Week: Encourage employees to bring in their own lunches for a week and donate the money they would have spent to GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer.
  • Bucks for Pounds: Participants pay $1 for every pound lost and $2 for every pound gained in weekly weigh-ins.
  • Car Wash: Hold a car wash and get volunteers to donate their time. Charge $5 – $10 per car.
  • Carnivals: Hold a carnival in a store’s parking lot. Provide games, entertainment, etc. with all proceeds benefiting GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer.
  • Casino Night: Host a guy’s night or girl’s night featuring casino games.
  • Celebrity Baggers: Invite local celebrities in the community (mayor, business leaders, local TV and radio personalities, etc.) to bag items and receive tips for GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer.
  • Challenges: Challenge someone to raise more money than you.
  • Comedy Night: Have a comedian perform. Sell tickets for the event and give a percentage to GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer.
  • Concert: Gather a group of singers and musicians for an evening of great music. Charge admission or collect donations from attendees.
  • Cookbook Sales: Get associates, friends and family, or even local celebrities to contribute some of their favorite recipes and compile an GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer Cookbook.
  • Counting On You: Participants guess the quantity of jelly beans, paper clips, marbles, coins, M&Ms, etc. Participants pay to enter the counting contest and the winner gets a prize.
  • Dance Marathon: A continuous, multi-hour event where participants raise funds through pledges. This event blends dancing, music, games, food and a variety of entertainment into one experience!
  • Denim Day: Have employees donate $5 to wear denim to work for a day.
  • Darts Tournament: Charge an entry fee into the tournament. Bullseye!
  • Derby Day: Host a day of field events such as a 5K run, an obstacle course, a tug-of-war, and “carry the coach.”
  • Dessert Tasting Parties: Ask customers and associates to make a small contribution to try different desserts and concessions. Coffee and tea also can be sold at this event.
  • Dinner Party: Host a dinner party.
  • Dodgeball Tournament: Put together teams and let the games begin!
  • Donations in Lieu of Gifts: Ask friends and family to donate to GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer for your birthday, wedding, or anniversary in lieu of gifts.
  • E-mail: Send E-mails to your friends, family and co-workers asking them for donations.
  • Eating Contest: Sponsor an eating contest. Get creative with your food: use pies, cakes, pancakes, hamburgers or moon pies.
  • eBay Sales: Ask friends and family to put one item up on eBay or donate an item to you. People may bid higher in support of an amazing cause!
  • Fantasy Football: Set up a league and charge an entry fee.
  • Flea Market: Rent the spaces in your parking lot to people who are interested in taking part in a flea market. One person’s junk is another person’s treasure!
  • Frisbee Golf:  Charge a participation fee and let the competition begin!
  • Game Night: Invite friends to your house to play board games, charades, etc and sell tickets.
  • Garage Sale: Have a garage sale and ask your neighbors if they would have one too!
  • Gift Wrapping: During holidays (Christmas, Mothers Day, Father’s Day, etc.) set up a gift-wrapping table. Charge a set fee or take donations.
  • Golf Tournament: Host a golf tournament with proceeds benefiting the GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer.
  • Happy Hour: Ask a local bar or restaurant to host the fundraiser. Ask them to charge happy hour beverages at a discount and donate the difference of what they would have paid at full price.
  • Holiday Cooking Sale: Parents and children can bake holiday cookies together.
  • Ice Cream Social: Plan one at your place of work or with friends or children. Ask for a donation to attend.
  • Jewelry Sales: Work with a wholesale company to sell jewelry with your team receiving a portion of the sales or host a jewelry party at your home.
  • Karaoke: Charge a participation fee and let the singing begin!
  • March Madness: Secure a prize for the winner and ask for donations to follow your favorite teams!
  • Matching Gifts: This is a great way to double your donations. Ask your company to match what you raise.
  • Ornament Sale: Get together with your team and make Christmas ornaments. Sell them for a donation.
  • Pajama Party: Plan a pajama party themed fundraiser! These can be held at your home or even a cabin.
  • Pancake Breakfast: Host a public breakfast, charging a set fee for the meal.
  • Pizza Sales: Work with a local pizza parlor to give you a percentage of the pies that you sell.
  • Pub Crawl: Invite friends and family to join a pub-crawl around your town. Have t-shirts made and charge a fee. Speak with bar owner’s prior and see if they will charge drinks at a discount and donate the rest of the money!
  • Round Up: Ask customers from a local store, or friends and family to “round up” their change from the cost of their purchases.
  • Sailing Competition: Ask a local yacht club to gather some experienced sailors and take out participants to race!
  • Scavenger Hunt: Each team gets pledges to participate. The team that finds all of the clues first wins the grand prize!
  • Skydive: Gather a group, collect pledges, and skydive to raise funds for GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer.
  • Spin-A-Thon: Ask a local gym to host a spin-a-thon.
  • Sports Tournaments: Organize sports tournaments at a local school gym or community center and charge an entry fee. (Swimming, Softball, Soccer, Kickball, Tennis, Basketball, etc)
  • Swear Box: Anytime someone says a bad word they have to put $1 in the swear box.
  • Talent Show: Unearth the hidden talents of those around you and get them involved in a talent show!
  • Trike Race: Gather donations to watch adults or kids race tricycles.
  • Unwanted Gift Swap (White Elephant): Have everyone bring an unwanted gift to the party. Have them donate the money they would have spent on another gift to GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer.
  • Weight-Lift-A-Thon: Participants get pledges for lifting larger and larger weights.
  • Yoga: Ask an instructor to hold a yoga class!
  • Zumbathon: Find a space and host a full day of Zumba!