What is Science Fight Cancer?

Most patients hear about trials only if their doctor is running a study or happens to know about someone else’s trial. Also, existing sites like clinialtrials.gov have dense jargon that is targeted at academics, not laypeople. As a result, almost all clinical trials are delayed due to accrual issues. This delay is costly for those running the trials, and painful for patients hoping for a new therapy or cure.

SFC serves as a way for patients, especially those in the community setting, to find out about and participate in clinical trials. Our web app is easy to use for both patients and doctors, and updated constantly with every changing trial data.

Our Team’s Vision

Hillary Lin is a Stanford MD training to be an oncologist who also has interest and experience in digital health. Andrew Ow is a Stanford MBA and entrepreneur who founded a internet company whose products have tens of millions of users.

We are building a smoothly functioning and well-designed product to improve trial accrual, aiming to reach users as no other product in this space has done before. In this way, we will accelerate the discovery of new cancer treatments.