Biomarker testing (also called molecular testing) looks for biological changes in genes or proteins, like EGFR or ALK, that may be associated with your cancer. In most cases, this involves testing a piece of tissue from the cancer (a biopsy).

Get tested now

GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer has a partnership with a leading precision medicine company, Perthera, to offer biomarker testing to patients.  To get started, call us at 1-800-298-2436, email or use the “Lung Cancer Questions?” tab on the right to request a call about biomarker testing.  Our HelpLine team will connect you with a Treatment and Trial Navigator from LungMATCH who will explain how the program works. Personalized treatment recommendations will be provided for you to discuss with your doctor. Get started today!

Who should be tested?

Due to the exploding number of treatment options, we recommend all patients with non-small cell lung cancer be tested. We also offer biomarker testing to those with other types of lung cancer. For additional information, contact our LungMATCH specialist at 1-800-298-2436 or Download our biomarker testing flyer for an easy overview.

Why is it important?

Because every person’s cancer is different. This testing offers you and your treatment team the information you need to identify the best treatment for your individual case.

Treatment options

Many of the changes that have been identified in genes and proteins of those with lung cancer occur in a small percentage of those impacted by the disease. There are only approved treatments for some of those changes. If there is not an approved treatment for the changes in your cancer, there may be a clinical trial that would be a good match for you.