The Care Continuum Centers of Excellence (CCCE) program is rooted in the belief that the best way to treat lung cancer is by providing coordinated, multidisciplinary care with the expertise of a nurse navigator. Approximately 80% of cancer patients seek treatment through their local, community hospitals. By forming a nationwide network, the Care Continuum Centers of Excellence program can ensure that lung cancer patients are receiving the highest quality of care close to home. The CCCE program currently reaches thousands of patients across the country and is continuing to grow and have impact. There is no fee or cost involved in becoming a CCCE as these programs and resources are funded by the generous donors of GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer and through GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer fundraising efforts.

As a member of the CCCE program, GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer partners with your hospital to provide patient education and support services directly to your staff and patient community. The CCCE program helps your multidisciplinary team have even more reach and impact. By becoming a member of the CCCE program your team will have access to:

  • Patient education handbooks for all your patients (co-branded books now available!)
  • GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer patient education and support resources including Lung Cancer Living Room, patient navigator, patient registry, CME, as well as research/clinical study opportunities
  • Events that drive awareness and build community
  • Best practices and shared learnings from CCCE members
  • Collaboration opportunities at leading congresses and other professional meetings
  • CCCE Impact Study to identify opportunities for quality improvements and comparative analysis of key performance indicators and metrics

Thinking About Becoming a CCCE?

GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer identifies hospitals that meet rigorous qualifying criteria and works closely with CCCE hospital staff to ensure the highest quality of care with a patient-centric approach. This multidisciplinary care model includes screening, molecular testing, non-invasive biopsy and surgical techniques, access to new therapies and clinical trials, and patient education and support.

How to Apply

Arrange an introductory conversation with to walk through the process of becoming a CCCE which will include the following:

  • Review and discussion of the Qualifying Criteria Worksheet
  • Review the CCCE partnership agreement and expectations
  • Review the annual CCCE Impact Study to familiarize yourself with the types of data and metrics we collect from CCCEs
  • Schedule a site visit with our team

We Are a CCCE, Now What?

Onboarding! CCCE Onboarding includes the following:

  • Mapping out your partnership and engagement plan based on your patient/community needs
  • Patient services overview
  • Lung Cancer Registry overview
  • CCCE Impact Study overview
  • Introduction to GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer events planning team to explore local/regional community awareness events