Chris Palumbo, born and raised in Rochester, New York, is often found running races and participating in endurance challenges in his home city and beyond. He carries the GO2 Foundation flag with him in support of his best friend Jeff Clark, who was diagnosed with stage IV NSCLC ALK+ in 2013.

Jeff’s wife, Kathy, and Chris knew there was more that had to be done to drive awareness and improve outcomes for lung cancer patients. Together they started the Facebook page Follow the Flag where they’ve documented the numerous events Chris has participated in.

This act of support has meant the world to Jeff and Kathy’s family. To have their friend spend countless hours training and travelling to bring attention to the disease that has impacted their family in unimaginable ways is a blessing they could have never imagined. At each event, the sight of Chris running by with the flag is nothing short of impressive. He captures the attention of many who have also been touched by lung cancer and piques the curiosity of all who see the flag along the way.

Chris is a powerhouse advocate for lung cancer—and you can be too! You can turn your athletic passion into an opportunity to help the lung cancer community through our DIY Endurance Events program. Visit our Endurance Events webpage to learn more!

Cheer Chris on as he runs the Marine Corps Marathon on October 27 in Washington, DC or show your support through a contribution to his fundraising page.

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