By Rick Sherlock, Lung Cancer Alliance Board Member and retired Major General of the United States Army

On this Veteran’s Day, we honor and salute the dedicated service of the brave men and women that protect our freedoms. In all they do for our country, it is our responsibility to protect them in the ways we know how. Due to higher smoking rates and exposure to environmental and chemical pollutants, military men and women, as well as veterans, have a higher incidence rate of lung cancer than the civilian population. Luckily, early detection is now possible with the use of low-dose CT scans. This is the only current, proven method that can detect lung cancer earlier, before symptoms occur, when it is more treatable and potentially curable.

As a retired solider, it wasn’t until I joined the Board of Lung Cancer Alliance that I became aware of our elevated risk for the disease. But today there is something you can do about it and share with our fellow brothers and sisters. I encourage you to get the facts about this essential health benefit that is available and covered by most private insurers and Medicare.  Our professional and caring staff are also standing by our HelpLine to answer any questions and refer you to responsible screening and care near you.

This Veteran’s Day, help a veteran in more ways than one, and encourage them to talk with their doctor about their risk for lung cancer and if screening makes sense for them. It’s the best gift you can give!

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