It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to getting involved in the fight against lung cancer. Below are the four most popular types of volunteers we see and opportunities that apply to each. What kind are you?

The Newbie

There is never a bad time to join the fight against lung cancer. Start today with these easy actions.

  • Join the movementSign up for our Weekly Breather newsletter featuring the latest news, treatment approvals, research breakthroughs, events, resources and stories.
  • Follow us on social media – Connect on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn, connect and share!
  • Donate – No time to get involved? A monetary gift can be just as impactful. Consider bypassing your morning coffee run, and instead donate the cash to help others.

The Activist

You’ve started to realize that most people don’t understand what a huge impact lung cancer has, not even our nation’s leaders. The power is in your hands to raise awareness in your town (and beyond!).

  • National Advocacy Summit, July 10-12, Washington, DC – Amplify the voice of lung cancer on Capitol Hill through one-on-one meetings with your elected officials. Can’t make the trip? Connect with your members of Congress with the click of your mouse. Learn more!
  • Make a Statement with Your Gear! –Purchase awareness bracelets, t-shirts, sunglasses and much more to wear or give as a gift at on our online store.

The Participant

You want to support a friend or family member, connect with your local lung cancer community or just turn your weekend run into a charitable act.

  • Start a Fundraiser! – Do what you love and invite your friends to support the cause. It can be as simple as a picnic or as big as a marathon.
  • Lung Love Run/Walk (Portland, OR, Philadelphia, PA and Houston, TX) – Family-friendly events bring the community together to walk (or run!) to fight lung cancer.
  • Shine a Light on Lung Cancer – Hosted at healthcare facilities across the country during Lung Cancer Awareness Month each November, these awareness events allow you to hear from and connect with medical professionals, patients, survivors and caregivers.

The Helper

Family and friends stepped up to the plate to help you through the tough times and now it’s time to pay it forward.

  • Join one of our Peer Support programs – Use your personal lung cancer experience to help someone in need. You’ll get more out of it than you think!
  • Share your story – Let others know how lung cancer has touched your life through a Survivor Spotlight feature on our social media channels. Offer hope to an entire community by submitting your story.

Our efforts to save lives, advance research and empower millions depends solely on the interest and support of people like you. Join the network of volunteers who are helping make a difference in the lives of those impacted by lung cancer.

Please reach out to us at with any questions on how you can get involved.